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Energy services from measuring to charging solutions 


Scenario specialises in the installation of electrical systems, but also in their optimisation. This means more efficient energy consumption and cost savings. A comprehensive analysis coupled with measures such as power management and energy-saving technologies, enable us to reduce waste and enhance your system performance. Our experienced team identifies optimisation opportunities and implements sustainable solutions. Trust in our expertise to optimise your electrical installations, achieve your sustainability goals and lower your operational costs. Together, we will work towards an efficient and greener future.


Periodic measurements

With our advanced measurement solutions, we collect and analyse the data needed to monitor and optimise your energy consumption. Through detailed reports and recommendations, we help you make efficient and cost-conscious decisions. This approach also allows us to identify issues in the system (such as detecting overload or poor phase balancing).


Voltage optimisation

Voltage optimisation as an energy-saving technology which is used to control, clean and condition the incoming power supply and so reduce its voltage to the optimal level for on-site electrical equipment and machinery. When a building's voltage supply is higher than necessary, this generally leads to a significant waste of energy, excessive CO2 emissions, higher electricity bills than necessary and issues with the power-supply quality, including higher levels of wear and a reduced lifespan of the electrical equipment.

Scenario offers two voltage optimisation systems: 'Fixed' Powerstar LITE, which optimises the voltage by a specific amount and matches the incoming profile, and 'electro-dynamic' Powerstar MAX, which uses intelligent controls to optimise and maintain a constant voltage.

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Control and monitoring system

The implementation of a control and monitoring system for electrical installations offers you real-time insight and management of your electrical systems. We use various sensors and smart technologies to continuously monitor the performance, energy consumption and safety of your installations. Our user-friendly interface allows you to monitor parameters, receive alerts and respond proactively. This way, you increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and optimise the operation of your electrical systems. Trust in our solutions to gain full control of your system.


Charging stations - Smart Charging Systems

We offer a reliable and convenient solution for charging electric vehicles. Our wide range of charging solutions, from AC to rapid chargers, facilitates charging at home, at work and on the go. Our expert installation teams ensure seamless installation, while our user-friendly management system simplifies the monitoring and management of charging sessions. Choose our charging stations and contribute to a sustainable future for mobility with convenience and efficiency.

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Your tailor-made solution for measuring, reporting, energy monitoring and charging stations

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