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Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance with 24/7 Callout Service

Service and Maintenance with 24/7 Callout Service

Our service and maintenance department assures the continuous operation, safety and efficiency of your electrical installation. Our team of experienced professionals conducts periodic inspections and preventive maintenance, as well as rapid interventions during malfunctions through our 24/7 callout service. We aim to maximise reliability and minimise downtime, to allow your business to keep running smoothly. Whether that means repairing malfunctions, upgrading outdated installations or performing emergency repairs, we are always on hand to provide you with the best solutions. Trust in our expertise and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your electrical installations are in good hands.

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24/7 Callouts and Repairs

Service and Maintenance are always prepared to respond rapidly to emergencies and malfunctions, regardless of the time and thanks to our 24/7 callout service. Our technicians are available to inspect, repair and maintain the operation of your electrical installation, to allow you to continue your business activities without interruption. Whether a sudden power outage, a faulty component or a critical issue, we offer a rapid and reliable response to get your installations up and running again.

Inspection and maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for electrical installations, and for that reason we provide proactive care to ensure the reliability and safety of your systems. Through periodic inspections and preventive maintenance we ensure optimal performance and minimise the risk of malfunctioning. We inspect critical components (including emergency lighting), check the wiring and make improvements wherever necessary, to ensure the efficient operation and longevity of your installations. Rely on our maintenance service package to ensure the continuity of your electrical infrastructure and prevent unplanned downtime.

Our inspections are not, however, confined to the electrical system. We also carry out PAT testing on portable devices including cords, plugs and electronic equipment. We identify potential risks and ensure that all equipment is working safely and reliably.

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Our relighting service covers regular maintenance, inspection and replacement of your lighting systems, to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. We can also develop an efficient and sustainable solution to upgrade your lighting system. We use energy-efficient LED technology and optimise lighting designs to help you save costs and enhance the visual quality of your spaces. Our experienced team conducts a thorough audit and develops customised plans to modernise your lighting. Trust in our relighting service and benefit from improved energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs and increased user comfort.

Installation Compliance

Our extensive expertise in electrical installations and knowledge of the legislation enables us to keep your systems compliant with current standards and regulations. Our technicians carry out thorough inspections, identify anomalies and implement the adjustments needed to ensure optimal safety and performance. From checking wiring and switchgear to signing off grounding and security systems, we guarantee to bring your electrical installations safely in line with the current regulations.

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Need customized Service & Maintenance?

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