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Design and Installation of Electrical Systems

Design and installation of Electrical Systems

At Scenario, our aim (and our strength) is to deliver reliable and efficient installations in support of operational continuity. Our expertise, as a total partner, is not confined to electricity, but extends to lighting, data, alarm and fire detection, sound systems, etc.

From shop to production environment, existing to new infrastructures, we provide conformant and optimised custom installations. We push our boundaries to realise your projects in the literal and figurative sense, because we also do business abroad!



Development of light plans and light studies for an optimal lighting solution and reduced energy consumption.

Sound system

Sound systems

Setup of a complete, customised sound system with various connection options.

Electronic circuit


Design and installation of low-voltage systems.

network installation


Integration of data racks, including setup of various network points.

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Alarm & Fire detection

Installation of a compliant fire detection system and intelligent alarm and camera surveillance system.

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Extra Project Services

As-built file

On completion of the works, we document the actual installation of the system, including all changes and adjustments made during the construction phase, in the form of an as-built file. This is a detailed reference point for future maintenance, management and the further development of the system.

Inspection of the electrical installation by an accredited organisation

An inspection of the electrical installation by an accredited organisation offers the assurance that the installation complies with current safety standards, guaranteeing safe operation. This inspection always takes place in the presence of a technician, to allow an immediate response to any questions and/or comments.

Integration of a control and monitoring system

This system provides real-time insight and control over crucial parameters and processes, thereby enhancing efficiency, performance and energy consumption, and enables the timely detection and handling of potential issues.

After-sales service

We are also on hand post-installation to assist you with professional support, maintenance work, rapid response, relighting and inspection reports. For more information, please feel free to get in touch.

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